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There are two benches situated on small hills bordering roses at the Grounds for Sculpture. One overlooks a massive granite sculpture titled "Sumo" by Ernest Shaw and is the one that visitors approach first. The other overlooks a huge aluminum sculpture, titled "Arch II, Set II" by Strong-Cuevas near the Gazebo. But since these two benches are up above the roses and backed up against bushes, people do not usually notice them, and so miss out on different view points. Click on the images to see each bench from the bottom of the hills.

For the locations, please check the map below, esp its larger version.

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The Bench Above "Sumo" mid summer

The 2nd Bench Viewed thru "Arch II, Set II" April

Below is a map of the Grounds for Sculpture. The two benches are located across the path from the Gazebo (far right side of map). Click on map image to see a larger version.

Click on the links below to see the views from each bench.

Left of small blue H on the map (Upper right corner of Square 5O

Arch II, Set II
Lower right corner of the 5N square on the map

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