by Florence W Deems

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Between the Pond and the road grows a beautiful Weeping Cherry tree that is resplendently covered with pink flowers in early April. Visible during the winter, but almost invisible during the summer is a bench. I love to sit on this bench, especially during the summer, in the welcome shade. Also, I love to watch people around the Pond, on the Patio and up in the Gazebo without them seeing me.

The first image below in the first row show the bench in March being used by two people. The next image shows the empty bench, but a better view of the Patio and Gazebo beyond. The third image shows some people up on the upper two decks of the Gazebo. This looks misty, because I used a soft-focus lens to make the image. And the last image shows the bench in July almost surrounded by the weeping branches of the tree.

In the second row, the first two images were made with a Lensbaby which distorts the edges. To the left the large granite sculpture by Isaac Witkin titled "Garden State" is just barely visible in the center. The right view shows people enjoying the lower deck of the Gazebo. The third image was made with a normal lens. The last image shows the tree blooming in April the year before the bench appeared.

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The bench under the cherry, March With people removed, March People on Upper deck, soft focus, March The bench in July
View to the left, Lensbaby image View to the right, Lensbaby image View to the right, normal lens The tree in bloom before the advent of the bench

Below is a map of the Grounds for Sculpture. The Weeping Cherry is located at the large blue "F" (beneath Gazebo to right of "G"). Click on map image to see a larger version.

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