by Florence W Deems

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The landscapers at the Grounds for Sculpture built a hill with a path on either end leading up to a bench that overlooks the "Depression Breadline" and the "Dorion" installations. The first image shows the path up to the bench from the lawn closest to the Museum Building. The odd proportions are due to my use of a semi-fisheye lens. The second image show the view once you get up to the bench. The semi-fisheye lens allows a very wide-angle point of view. In this image you can also see the top part of a weird sculpture titled "Skewered" by Francisco Leiro.

The third image was taken from below the bench, showing the "Depression Breadline" head on with the hillside bench showing above it in the upper right of the image. The last image shows a closer view of the bench from below, behind the "Breadline." Click on the images to see larger sizes.

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Path up the hill to the bench, semi-fisheye "Dorion" & "Breadline," semi-fisheye Long view of bench Closer view showing shadows

Below is a map of the Grounds for Sculpture. This bench is located to the left of the large blue "B" (above Museum Building), near the small blue letter "M" - square J5. Click on map image to see a larger version.

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