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"The Monkey King" by Hyung Jun Yum is very well hidden. Many people pass right by the passageway that leads to this little area edged on one side by a prickly Citrus trifoliata hedge and some large yews on the other side. The sculpture is black painted bronze and is only about four ft high. Furthermore, it is backed up well into the yews that mark off the area around one of J. Seward Johnson's sculptures, "A Thought to Consider". Visitors used to be able to go up the small rise to Johnson's sculpture of a woman on a bench with a man leaning over her from the back of the bench.

In Feb, 2010, they decided to erect a wrought iron fence that blocked access to Johnson's sculpture. However, if people can't go closer to Johnson's sculpture, they might miss seeing "The Monkey King". The images below show the King from the bench that's part of Johnson's sculpture which I made last year (2009) while I could still get close. Update: sometime during the spring or summer of 2010, this fence was removed. So there is access once more.

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Visible Light Image

Infra Red B&W Image

Below is a map of the Grounds for Sculpture. The Monkey King's domain is located at the large blue "H" - square P5, extreme right of map. Click on map image to see a larger version.

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