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On the west side of the Domestic Arts Building is an enclosed garden with several water features, thus its name, "The Water Garden." It consists of several "rooms" divided by partial walls. One of my favorite places to sit is on the bench under a large maple tree. So I'm starting the images with that bench and its views. And then moving to another bench with its different views. Update: Unfortunately, the big beautiful old maple tree had to be cut down - I think it was in 2014. So now there's no shady relief from the broiling summer sun.

Please click on the images to see a larger size.

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Maple tree bench from Domestic Arts Building Looking to one's right from the bench. "Facing Couple" by Itzik Benshalom Looking past "Facing Couple" to see people in the distance Also to the right, the walkway from another open "room."
Using a mirror spy lens, I caught this man yawning on the bench The man has moved To the right, some people moving through the mist An art class sketches
Looking left, watching kids through mirror spy lens Full view to the left, with "King Lear" by J. Seward Johnson in distance To far right of the maple tree bench is this bench The view from the opposite end of this new bench
View of this same bench from across the stepping stones Man is standing besides the chairs in the previous image Another day, two people enjoy the same area Longer lens brings the guy closer

Below is a map of the Grounds for Sculpture. The Water Garden is located at the bottom of the map and is labeled "Water Garden" in large blue letters. Click on map image to see a larger version.

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