Hamilton, New Jersey, USA

by Florence W Deems

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Since I have parked my fanny on too many benches to count or remember, I decided to do a photographic project titled, "View from the Bench." There are three places that I've concentrated upon for this project.

The first one is The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey, USA. Since this very beautiful 40-acre sculpture garden and arboretum are close to where I live, I visit this beautiful place frequently throughout the year. At this writing, May, 2012, all views except the "Miscellaneous Views" have content. This project is a large work in process. So do not click on that link, as you will get only a blank page.

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Below is an annotated map of the grounds. The larger letters in blue mark the approximate places where you can find the views presented in this article. Click on the map image to read a larger size.

Below are links to some of my favorite views plus the benches from which you can see these views.

The 9 Muses Courtyard (A) ~ Above the Roses
The Depression Breadline Courtyard (B) ~ The Gazebo
Above the Breadline ~ Hilltop by the Johnson Building
Scenes Along the Lake ~ Miscellaneous Views
The Monkey King's View ~ Outside the Museum Building
Around Rat's Restaurant ~ The Water Garden

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