Adult Antics

by Florence W Deems
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More in the lives of the peacocks who live at the Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, New Jersey. In the images below, looking down on 'his' domain, the Alpha male sits on a wall. With snow on the ground in February, one of the males posed in the sun for me, the tips of his beautiful tail feathers all ragged. Out in the parking lot a raggetty-tailed male forages for crumbs. Springtime makes a young male spread his brand new tail for a young female.

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Alpha male: I'm king of the wall! Let no one dispute this!

Male to me: I'm not displaying my tail for you!
You're the wrong kind of female!

Male: I know I saw some crumbs here a bit ago.

Male to hen: Hey, pretty lady, do you like my new tail?
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On a hot summer day, I was dining in the Food Court. Along came one of the males. Seeing me, he headed straight for my table and stuck up his head. Begging, of course.

Save some for me?

Aw, come on! Please?

Next to my table sat a family with two young kids. Not getting any handouts from me, the hopeful peacock moved closer to the little boy's chair. As the little girl stood up to get a better view, the little boy sat, fascinated. I missed the shot when the bird actually got too close to the boy for comfort (I was trying to eat while observing the action). He stood up and shrieked, which made the bird back off, but not leave.

Eventually, temptation proved too much. So the boy got off his chair and slowly approached the peacock. For about 2 minutes the boy minded his parents' cautions to take it slow and easy. But suddenly he took off after the bird, who turned and gave the boy a merry chase in and out among the rest of the tables - with his mom in hot pursuit! The last image shows another little girl trying to approach the bird which had come to the other side of my table. But now it was wary and didn't let her get very close.

Boy: Look, there's a peacock.

Boy: I think he likes me!

Boy to bird: I wanna pat you!

Girl: Wish I could get close to him, he's so pretty.
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In the spring, the males keep track of where the others are and also broadcast their own positions to the females. This is the Alpha male sounding off. They're so loud, they can be hard on the ears.

Alpha male: Hear ye, hear ye! This is where I am.
All males stay away--but females are welcome!
Peacocks, like some other birds such as mourning doves, actually lie on their sides to sun themselves. The first image shows the Beta male doing this. Afer a while, he flipped up and turned over and 'cooked' his other side. In the next image he has stretched out a wing.

Beta male: OK, so I don't look dignified - but it sure feels good!

Beta male: Sure feels good to stretch. Why don't you try it?
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