The White Peacock

by Florence W Deems
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More in the lives of the peacocks who live at the Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, New Jersey. In addition to the many normal colored peacocks, there's also a white male. In 2008 after I first noticed him, I'd look around each time I visited, but with only a few more sightings, because most of the time he was hiding from the normal-colored birds. They used to despise him and chase him every chance they got. When the Grounds first acquired him, he wouldn't stay on the grounds. He'd fly off across the lake and 'terrorize' the home owners on the other side. So a staff person would have to go retrieve him. Then he injured his leg, so had to be kept penned up for the rest of the year until his leg healed. Some of us feel the Grounds should get him a white female.

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Perched on one of the picnic benches
close to the Motor Arts Building.

He spent most of his time behind the Domestic Arts Building.

I managed to get 3 shots of him as he tried to walk away from me.

After this shot, he hid in the shade of a bush nearby.
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Finally, though, in 2011, after several years of having to spend his days isolated around the buildings in the back parking lot, he began to come out of his hiding place behind the buildings. I found him that spring displaying his beautiful tail in the Water Garden. But still by himself.

Pure white, no colors.

He was vibrating his tail feathers and stamping his feet.
Which made getting an in-focus shot difficult.

His rear end
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That summer, apparently he had been accepted by some members of the flock. I saw him several times hanging out in the shade of a big old pine with several other peacocks. But since they were moving around and the contrast of shade with dappled sunlight was so intense, I couldn't get a satisfactory image of the white one with the normal colored ones. So the images below will have to do for now.

He was preening his feathers.

Shortly after this, he stepped under the tree.

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