by Florence W Deems
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More in the lives of the peacocks who live at the Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, New Jersey. Some miscellaneous observations about the peacocks, since I usually manage to get at least one interesting image of them during a visit.

The food the groundskeepers give the peacocks is dry cat food. Plus the birds supplement their diet by catching worms and bugs during the three seasons that they can find this live food. The peacocks know who hands out the food, too. When they spot a particular groundskeeper riding around in his golf cart, the first one to see him takes off at a run towards the cart. In just a few moments, some of the other birds also spot him and so go running towards him. It's amusing to see them all converging on the object that has set their tummies rumbling.

One day I was fortunate enough to be very close to this keeper and one of the males. So I got a shot of the action.

My friend for life!
Throughout the year, the young males try out their display stances and it's always amusing to watch them. Here's one doing "his thing."

Why isn't anyone paying attention?

Maybe they'll like my rear end better?
During the hot muggy summer days, some of the peacocks like to seek shade in the plantings along the shady side of the Museum Building. One day I counted 19 birds there! Here are some of them.

Whew! A relief to be outa the sun!
Here's a young hen sunning herself on a cooler day. But she's at the edge of the plantings seen above.

In the late fall I've seen the birds up on a roof top, trying to get out of the wind while getting some sun at the same time. Here's one of them on the roof of the exit door from the balcony of the Domestic Arts Building. The wind is still ruffling some of his feathers.

I love it up here!
Peacocks don't like wet feet, apparently. I saw a male cross this little foot bridge, even though he could have waded through the water which is only a few inches deep. Since I saw the hen coming along, I waited and made another image of her. Then I composited her body into the image with the male to make it look like they're a couple.

Wait for me, dear!
Speaking of walking, means feet. Here are the tootsies of one of the older males. Note the very large central toe. The younger birds have center toes about the same size as the side toes.

The bigger the better!
So let's take those toes a'walking - clear over to the Johnson Building for the Arts, the Grounds' newest building. This male is strolling along some of the stacked patio chairs.

I'm prettier than these chairs, any day!
This male walked right up to me. I guess he thought I might have a hand-out. This is a false color infra red image.

I hope you have something for me?
One nice spring day, this male walked in front of me, not paying me any attention. But I paid some attention to him - I made an image of him. But suddenly as he was very close to me, he spotted a hen - and flared his tail - right into my face! I don't know how I made this image. Pure surprise, I guess.

So that's all the miscellany for now. Perhaps I'll have enough more images to make another page some day!

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